There are few things to compare to a wildlife tour of Yellowstone in the winter.  With easily viewed wildlife, no crowds and spectacular, snow covered vistas it is a wonderful experience

Cold?  Well, yes, it can get a bit chilly, but if you layer, have good boots and snow pants, it will soon become your favorite time of year.  If you have questions on what to bring, check out our Winter Gear page.

Sightseeing tours in the winter are a different matter.  The interior of Yellowstone is only accessible by snow coach or snowmobile during the winter.  That said, a few days staying at the Snowlodge is an experience you’ll never forget.

i want to buy Premarin Fall and Winter Tour Itinerary

Although we offer structured half and full day wildlife tours in the Fall and Winter.  We are always happy to accommodate and create a personal itinerary for your group.

A typical half day tour will start with an early departure from Gardiner to insure that we are set up at a good viewing location at the sun breaks the horizon.  In the winter, you get to sleep in a bit more than in summer.  But, we still like to be on the road before dawn.  The most productive wildlife viewing is always at dawn and dusk for elk and wolves.  Bear are generally hibernating between December and April.  So, bear viewing is best done during a spring/summer trip.

Continental breakfast items and thermoses of coffee (or cocoa) will be available in our vehicle.  We will head to  Lamar  most of the time, thought we may stop along the way if there has been recent activity.

The morning drive to viewing areas will take between 40 and 60 minutes.

We always pay special attention for tracks in fresh snow and constantly scan the hillsides while we are driving.  You simply don’t know what you might come across.

Since these are wild animals there is no guarantee of what we will see.  That said, we see wolves, bison, elk, coyotes and fox during most winter trips.   With a long list of friends we will find animals that the average, unguided tourist will miss.  Breakfast items, snacks, hot and cold drinks are available all morning.  Depending on the action, we will start heading back toward Gardiner by 11:00.

A full day tour will alsostart with an early departure from Gardiner to ensure that we are set up at a good viewing location at the sun breaks the horizon.

We will break for lunch whenever the group is hungry.  We can always find a nice quiet picnic spot to hang out at.  And, if it’s a sunny day, even though cold, a picnic is a great time in the wild

Afternoons are always an excellent time to watch bison and look for sheep and goats on the cliffs.  Wolves and elk tend to bed down during the middle of the day  In the winter, we start thinking about heading back toward Gardiner  by 3:00-4:00 PM (depending on where we are) This will give you some time to warm up, and even sneak a nap before dinner,

As a side note, dinning options are limited in the winter.  But, as experienced foodies, we can help you make the perfect dinner choice