Spring and Summer

Summer is, of course, the most popular time to visit Yellowstone.  But it is crowded and it can be frustrating driving through (or rather waiting in) a bison jam for what seems like forever.  To coin a phrase, sit back and leave the driving to us.  The secret, frankly, is to avoid certain areas during bison jam times of the day.  Yes, it is pretty predictable and regular how the bison migrate from one side of the road to another.

Our areas of choice for wildlife tours and  viewing are the Lamar and Hayden Valleys.  Spring and early summer offers excellent opportunities for bear encounters.  With spring come new life and the opportunity to see these new beings is awe inspiring. That said, when elk and bison start giving birth the predators are always nearby.   Spring is not for the faint of heart.  It is the raw, uncensored wild.

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Although we offer structured half and full day tours in the Spring and Summer.  We are always happy to accommodate and create a personal itinerary for your group.


A typical http://mydishwasherspossessed.com/2016/05/rites-of-passage/ half day tour will start with an early departure from Gardiner to insure that we are set up at a good viewing location at the sun breaks the horizon.  In the middle of June, this means that we could leave Gardiner as early as 4:30 AM.

The local hotels may or may not have coffee set out before dawn when we hit the road.  But fear not, we will have breakfast items for you as well as thermoses of coffee to get those eyelids open,  Generally, we will head to either the Lamar or Hayden Valley, depending on where the action is.  The drive will take between 40 and 60 minutes, respectively.  We will set up in the areas of activity and start scanning for wildlife.  Since these are wild animals there is no guarantee of a sighting but we will do our best to move about to find them.  After breakfast snacks will be available and we will head back toward Gardiner by 11:00.

A free dating sites for people with hiv full day tour will also start with an early departure from Gardiner to ensure that we are set up at a good viewing location at the sun breaks the horizon.

We will break for lunch whenever to group is hungry, finding a nice picnic spot along the river.  We can then hunt for additional sightings and head back to Gardiner in the late afternoon (depending on where we are) in time for a nap and dinner on your own.

Of course, an alternative is to do a wildlife tour in the morning and general sightseeing in the afternoon.  Although a little more crowded in the afternoon, the geysers, hot springs and mud pots are just as active in the afternoon as in the morning.

We can also run over to Canyon to enjoy the majesty of Yellowstone falls and perhaps spot some otters in the river along the way.